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We consciously believe in the principle: “A company with its products is ultimately only as good as its employees.”

That is why we place great emphasis on having qualified employees who, in addition to undergoing regular and continual training, also bring quality awareness and are open to interdisciplinary tasks.   We have a young, dynamic and motivated team, which works with commitment and ambition on behalf of the company and our customers.   Our specialist core competencies are in chemical know-how and developing formulas and products for specific applications.   Our team works successfully to develop product solutions, including cooperating with specialists from various sectors and institutions.
This includes working with universities, companies and recognized competencies in materials sciences, chemistry and physics, process engineering or other partners for solving the problem. The product evaluation period before launch is generally done in cooperation with end users and consumers, although these are not ultimately our customers.   Our employees are always open to suggestions on how to improve quality. In the end, the success of our interdisciplinary teams should be of benefit to you and your customers.   Give us a try – we will prove our worth!



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