Pressurized aerosol container
50 – 500 ml (15-18 bar tested, made of aluminium or tin)


Pressurized aerosol container
50 – 500ml (15-18 bar tested, made of aluminum or tinplate)


Large containers suitable for hazardous substances
1000 L container (IBC)
200 L Barrel with screw cap


Containers suitable for hazardous substances
25 L Reusable stainless steel barrel
3 – 10 L Canister and bucket


Containers suitable for hazardous substances
250 – 1000 ml plastic containers incl. application/dosing bottles and pump spray bottles


Glass bottles fitted various caps and nozzles
50 – 1000 ml


Small containers made of glass
(for light-sensitive content with black coating):
5 – 30 ml


Syringes and special accessories
(some using our own tools):
1 – 100 ml
Plastic bag (flow packs, refill bags, sachets)